WEEK 3-7 - Mosby Out

I am out for this week, but I am going to be watching your progress remotely.  You all have PLENTY of work to do, however, if you are going to take a personal day, read on.

PERSONAL DAYS:  Here are the rules for personal days:

  • You must click the link on the left sidebar that states PERSONAL DAYS
  • Your email must be done 100% correctly.
  • You can only take ONE personal day per week and no more than 3 for the semester; doing so will result in 3-days detention.
  • I will be watching my email closely and will be watching you guys work remotely. 
HALL PASSES:  You must use the e-Hall pass form, and you cannot use more than three in a semester.  Two of you already have reached your hall pass allotment.  Any additional hall passes will result in THREE DAYS DETENTION per offense.

Shape Fill

In this lesson you will learn to use text and fonts inside of Figma.



Not only is this the first lesson but for some of your this is your first experience with using Mosby.Tech.  So we will be learning our first lesson AND learning how to navigate the lesson page.


This assignment will consist of two .FIG files for you to work on.  But, you will submit both of them at the same time in Google Classroom.