Creating an Event Flyer

This lesson is designed to teach you more of the beginner concepts of Adobe Illustrator while working on an event flyer.



Custom Shapes

The next two videos are designed to show you how to make custom shapes for your robot!

The next vide will require that you use the file, located in the lesson files.

Back to the Robot

When completed, be sure to take a screenshot & post it to Google Classroom.


You are going to create your own flyer, using the concepts Aaron showed you in the previous lesson.  But, the point of this lesson is to show me that you understand the concepts taught by Aaron!

The flyer can be for an event, awareness, school group, tryout, etc – whatever YOU want it to be.  Here are the rules:

  • Document size must be 8.5″ x 11″ portrait
  • Include a photo (clipped)
  • Use the shape-builder/pathfinder etc
  • Use appropriate colors & fonts (remember, you can find new fonts at
  • No comedy or parody style flyers.  Focus on something legitimate.
  • This assignment will be graded with an emphasis on effort, creativity/originality.
  • Do not make your flyer look like the one you did with Aaron.