MODULE 5 - Figma Art

Low Poly

Design your own Low Poly Art work



I am going to show you how to get started on your low poly art and you are going to figure out the rest!

5.1 Low Poly Art

Do a search for Low Poly Art and find some ideas.  You need to complete THREE separate low poly art pieces. You are free to choose any subject you wish but it must be school appropriate. Here are some ideas:

  • Yourself/Friends/Family/Pets
  • Famous/Historical/Celebrity individual(s)
  • Nature/Architecture
  • Hobbies/Interests
A few things to remember:
  • Don’t make the poly shapes too large!
  • Don’t use too many colors or you may lose the effect
  • Include a color background that FITS your designs.
  • Use the SUBMISSION template that is on Google Classroom.

5.2 Flyer Design

Design two distinct flyers



You’ve learned the skills in the past, let’s to put them to good use.

5.2 Flyer Design

You will complete TWO flyers for this assignment

  • Two DISTINCT flyers, do not make them similar
  • No political, comical, or satire artwork
  • Use masks, boolean, appropriate colors, and fonts as applicable
  • You can use your own images and can include yourself; you can also find images at Pixabay and Pexels (google).

5.3 YouTube Art

Design two DISTINCT thumbnails and banner for your FAKE YouTube channel.


5.3 YouTube Thumbnail

We are going to create a YouTube thumbnail and banner.

Students will design three YouTube Thumbnails.

  • Thumbnail Size:  1280 x 720
  • Banner Size:  2560 x 1140
  • Both must be unique in style/content/theme
  • Must use cutout mask as shown by Josh
  • Use appropriate colors and fonts that would fit your YouTube channel
  • Use backgrounds/images

5.4 Website Mockup

This is the final project of the semester and it’s pretty large!


5.3 YouTube Thumbnail


Using the template in the downloads, students will create a website mockup.  This will happen in three phases:

  1. Mood board, gather your ideas for your site.
  2. Wireframe.  Do a sketch up using the frames I gave you on the template to see how your site may shape up.
  3. Build the site: No bring in images and text to your website.  For text use the Lorem Ipsum generator, which is just random fill text.
Website Requirements
  • Website must be school appropriate
  • It can be about you, product, service, entertainment, store, etc
  • You must have all five pages (Home, About, Services, Pricing, Contact.)
  • Make sure you keep your colors and fonts consistent.
  • Use other websites for ideas.
  • Have fun!

Submission Requirements

  1. You will turn in a screenshot of your Moodboard AND Wireframe (do not start on finalizing the website before submitting the wireframe).  WORTH 50 points
  2. Finish your website and submit a screenshot for it.  WORTH 250 points (50 points per page)


There will be no submission template for this assignment