Intro to Adobe Illustrator

In this lesson you will learn about Adobe Illustrator and basic type functionality.



In this lesson you will learn the application, workspace, and basic selection tools of Adobe Illustrator

For the next video below 👇you will need to use the logo file that can be found in your LESSON FILES downloads, located on the left sidebar.

Also, I want you to follow AND work along with the tutorial videos.  After you finish the “user interface” video, I want you to take a screenshot which you will upload to Google Classroom at the end of this lesson.  

Please refer to the “SAVE SCREENSHOT” video located on the left sidebar of this page on how to do within Adobe Illustrator

Intro to Type

Again, I want you to follow along and take a screenshot after you finish the final video, drop shadow.

ASSIGNMENT 1-1 Font Mood Board

You are going to expand your practice of using fonts in Illustrator as well as practice downloading fonts.  Once you have completed the assignment you will then post your screenshot to Google Classroom.