09/28 - 10/02

MONDAY 09/28

Two Weeks Left:  The first nine weeks will end in two weeks!  Then the second nine weeks (aka 2nd quarter) will end in a jiffy with all of the breaks.

Finishing up Pixlr Basics:  We are nearing the end of learning the foundations of Pixlr and will start doing more creative work, which is a heck of a lot more fun!  Be patient, we’re getting there.

Homecoming Week:  It’s the ever so nutty, homecoming week.   I advise you to get your work done in the earlier part of the week, if you are wanting to help with homecoming festivities, you need to take a personal day on that day, unless you have an excused absence.  We should have two lessons this week: Styles & Blend Modes.  BTW, Friday is my birthday, you can leave my presents on the center tables.